Mezcal Tasting

Mejico Grill & Tequila Lounge


A mezcal tasting done right. Will make you understand all the steps in the destination process of this spiritual beverage. It will help you appreciate a good mezcal when you find it. The Mezcal it’s an artisanal drink where the mezcal master prints his own seal to the mezcal. A good mezcal master its capable of give different flavor notes and smells very distinctive in the region where its made.

Franco & fifth with the Cheff Flor Franc

Located in the heart of the historical bankers gill of San Diego, Franco on 5th is a place it’s a space for boutique events so unique and atracive like the neighborhood itself. The place functions like and office in the house to enjoy of the Chef Flor Franco, just like an artists workshop, and art gallery and, of course, like and wonderful place for events.

This time we are proud of announce our presence in a place so prestigious.


Mezcal Gulroo in Korea

thanks to the success of mezcal gul-roo, we expanded our horizons and we achieve to enter the Korean market, offering, as always a mezcal made 100% of agave for the most demanding of our consumers and clients