How is made?

Our Process Mezcal Gulroo

We do the grinding with a stone grind, and our fermentation its done with wooden tubs of 1 metric ton of capacity, we dont include any yeast in the final step with the goal of speed up the fermantation.
The destilation of our mezcals its done with coper alembics with double destilation getting a highger quality. finally we store the mezcal in tanks to let it to mature


After beeing reach the ripeness of the maguey, the leaves are cut until the pineapple is clean.


The pineapple its put ina conic furnace made of ground and stone, previously heated with natural firewood until reach bright red, the coocking prosses.


The so-cooked "pineapples" are cut into pieces and subjected to maceration in artisanal Egyptian-style mills, with a large circular animal-drawn stone.


The “mosto” or juice its put in wooden tubs where its fermentated in the natural way.


Finally, double distillation with the help of copper stills, to obtain natural, homogeneous and high quality alcohol.