About Us

We are a Oaxacan enterprise with 3 generations and a whole family tradition. Located at the region of the central valley of Oaxaca, Gül-Roo has the challenge of preserve the tradition of the master mezcaleros of the region, aswll of foment the culture of entrepreneurship and sustentability between the communitiess of Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, with the goal of improve their life quality.

Gül-Roo takes care of keeping the artisanal par in our processes since it joins us the family tradition and a past full of history.

Gül-Roo cumple con las normas, certificaciones y tecnología adecuada para poner en el gusto y paladrar exigente de nuestros consumidores y clientes un mezcal 100% de agave.

Our production process is 100% handmade, since it unites us to the family tradition and to a past full of history. With a conical baking of earth, firewood and stones.

The grinding is carried out in stone mill, and our fermentation is done in wooden tanks with a capacity of one ton, we do not incubate any type of yeast at this stage in order to accelerate the fermentation process.

The distillate of our mezcales is elaborated in copper stills with double distillation for a better quality, to later store it in tanks of use and nutritional grade after its maturation.

Our mezcales have certifications of origin, granted by the Mexican Council for the Quality of Mezcal (COMERCAM / NOM 0027x), as well as the Mexican Association of Sommeliers and KOSHER PAREVE of Mexico.

The company has a deep feeling of love for nature, for what it gives us we seek to waste as little as possible. For this reason we ourselves manufacture the labels of our bottles, being 80% vague maguey and 20% cotton.